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Public Relations

The PR Committee is responsible for maintaining and handling SLOPE's social media, including our Instagram and Twitter. They also establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other student organizations and representatives on campus. Lastly, they are responsible for designing member apparel, and publicly available apparel that promotes SLOPE’s pillars and mission.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is responsible for planning and executing a SLOPE sponsored program centered around the diversity pillars, equity, and inclusion. This committee is responsible for active communication with the other SLOPE committees and resource centers on campus to spread education in the Texas A&M and Bryan/College Station community. They are responsible for planning and participating in outreach events on campus to promote SLOPE’s designated monthly pillar. 

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The Social Committee is responsible for organizing weekly socials that bring members, counselors, and directors to interact with each other and create relationships. Also responsible for planning larger social events, including retreats and formals.

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The Summit Committee is responsible for preparing and executing the weekly summits and family hang outs. This committee strives to provide engaging and educational summits that will benefit the advancement and development of all members. They also invite speakers to educate and offer firsthand experience on topics regarding SLOPE pillars.


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning fundraising events throughout the year, such as bake sales, profit shares, etc. This committee also helps to plan and run an annual fundraising event in collaboration with the Service Committee to benefit Health For All.

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The Service Committee is responsible for organizing bi-weekly service events to better the Bryan/College Station community. They plan and execute service events throughout the school year, including and not limited to: Kyle Field Clean Up, Big Event, helping local charities, etc. This committee also works with Fundraising to organize an event to benefit Health For All.

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