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About Us

Our Mission

SLOPE intends to promote equality at Texas A&M and the surrounding community through leadership and service. We envision creating an environment in which all Aggies are equal and the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Goals:

1. To give sophomores a support system via counselors, connections to campus resources, and the Aggie Network. 

2. To encourage sophomore students to become vital and contributing members of the Texas A&M community. 

3. To help sophomores develop a greater awareness of their strengths, abilities, and potential as leaders on campus. 

4. To promote equality through high impact events that align with the organization’s mission statement. 

5. To establish a positive environment in which the sophomores can be their own authentic selves.

Our Pillars


How We Started

Our Founding

A group of friends came together to create an organization that could assist in bringing more equality to campus and the general public. upon viewing various issues regarding unequal treatment of various groups of people and overall partitioning, we aimed to promote diversity. Our purpose was to develop an environment where people can be freely accepted for who they are.

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